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Shepherd named Executive Director by the Board

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Being named Executive Director by the board of trustees who see the whole vision of the organization is exciting. The main word is Service and to be of service to the citizens of the Blackbelt and Beyond is indeed my privilege.

Portia Shepherd, a Black Belt, Alabama native and a proud graduate of Miles College (Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science) and New England College (Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Management). Portia is a consultant and keynote speaker with more than fifteen (15) years’ experience across a wide range of industries, including, but not limited to: political campaigns, non-profit and professional services.

An advocate, advisor, and analyst, evidence of her work is found in the following outlets: The Washington Post, NowTHIS, BBC World News, Fox News, HBO Last Week Tonight, The OnPointNetwork, local and state television news, talk shows and newspapers.

In 2019, Portia was identified and recognized as an expert in Media with SheSource Women in Media on the subjects of Sexual and Domestic Violence, Environmental Injustice and Poverty issues facing rural America, especially in the Black Belt of Alabama.

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